About Us

Chronicling the Candidates with Real Footage ~ No Spin

On The Ground 2016 is a blog roll devoted to posting original video about actual campaign events related to the 2016 Presidential Elections. You will find no talking head analysis here. What you will find are videos chronicling the candidates, their campaigns and other campaign-related events.

Our goal is to provide people with primary-source materials so you can learn first-hand what the candidates are saying about the issues and the politics of the campaign. We recognize that candidates put their own spin on things, but you also understand that and can form your own opinions, without the filter from third parties.

This site is operated by Story-Crafters.com, a video production company that is producing the web series, “Stories from the New Hampshire Primary,” where some of this material originated from. However, we welcome all footage of campaign events from around the country. If you would like us to post your online footage, please email us a link and we will review it for possible posting.


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