Peace Breaks Out @ NH Polls!

Yes, the 2016 campaign is shaping up to be one of the more negative campaigns in recent memory.  But a funny thing happens on Election Day; fierce opponents have but one common objective: voting.  Here is a sample of conversations overheard on Election Day in New Hampshire which will give you a new level of hope.


PACs’ and Campaigns’ “Un”Coordinated Ground Game

It is a well-known secret that candidates’ Political Action Committees and their National Campaign organizations use huge loopholes and creativity to be in sync. In 2016, this dance to not legally coordinate but somehow act in unison is being played out in local campaign field activities. Like the dance going on at the national level, this video documents some of the absurd ways that campaigns and PACs behave.

Vermin Supreme For President, Town Hall with Voters

He’s not horsing around! Vermin Supreme is a candidate for the President of the United States on the New Hampshire Primary Ballot. His platform calls for a Pony-based economy and mandatory tooth brushing. He recently held a traditional town hall meeting where he fields questions from voters.

Making the Top Three in New Hampshire Primary

Who is on your short list? A month before the New Hampshire Primary, voters are beginning to assemble their “Top Three” list of candidates from the bigger field. With 50% of voters making their final decision a week or less before Election Day, if you’re not on enough “Top Three” lists, you’re toast.

Minimum Wage Mashup

Holler for a Dollar! Enjoy a live performance by the Leftist Marching Band (recorded at the Voter First Forum held in Manchester, NH in August of 2015) mashed up with the Minimum Wage positions taken by Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio.

“Honoring Ken” has a new ending!

Last Summer Brenda Bouchard, whose husband and mother are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, asked 13 candidates running for President what they will do to end this fatal and expensive disease (with most of the cost of care paid by taxpayers. Find out which candidate step up with a plan.

End of year bloopers and highlights…

Here are some never before seen bloopers and video clips of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Scott Walker; along with other funny highlights from the presidential campaign trail in 2015.

The debate coverage you don’t get to see.

Here is a different look at the happenings around the Dec. 2015 Democratic debate with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Not so much “behind the scenes” but a view that the media does not show people.

DNC Sanders Data Debacle

With only eight weekends left to the all important Iowa Caucuses and nine weekends before the New Hampshire Primary, did losing voter contact right before a weekend throw a wrench in voter contact? Sanders’ Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver and NH State Director Julia Barnes answer this question, while DNC Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz defends her decision.

Rand Calls

Donald Trump, ISIS and Health Care were three issues a random New Hampshire voter wanted to speak to Rand Paul about, when Paul cold called the voter. This “photo opp” gives us both insight into what an undecided Republican is thinking and how well Rand Paul does at presenting his vision for his Presidency. Does Rand Paul close the deal with this voter? Find out.