Bernie Sanders: The Family Values Candidate

Sen. Sanders gives people something to contemplate with regards to what supporting family values is all about in the US.  Here he gives a platform of issues and programs that would constitute a progressive family values agenda.

Portsmouth New Hampshire Greets Donald Trump

Days after proposing ” a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”, Donald Trump came to Portsmouth, NH to get the endorsement of the New England Police Benevolent Association. Portsmouth has a tradition of being a liberal community, so it was not unexpected that many are not Donald Trump fans.

Lindsey Graham’s Personal Story

Many political candidates have life stories that are compelling.  In the 2016 race, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio play up their immigrant roots and Cuban heritage.  But Senator Lindsey Graham has an equally compelling story that has not reached the voting public.  No doubt his lack luster poll numbers and the lack of media interest that accompanies that, are a factor in people not being aware of Sen. Graham’s personal story. In this video, Senator Graham’s sister Darline shares this story.

Ben Carson, ISIS, IRAQ and Obama.

Universally all GOP candidates have been critical of President Obama for not leaving troops in Iraq, which could have stopped the rise of ISIS.  Is it that simple?  Or was Obama in a no win situation of either accepting the terms the previous administration signed with the Iraqi government (placing US troops under Iraqi’s legal system) or pulling the troops out.  This back and forth between Ben Carson and myself, is an example of the lack of a clear answer from GOP candidates give, which amounts to, “I would have negotiated a better deal than either the Bush or Obama administration could have” with no specifics on how,

Jeb answers “Are we better off with ISIS or Saddam Hussein”?

You can go back to at least the end of World War I to trace the root causes to the current problems in the Middle East.  Many critics point to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has the primary driving factor in creating the current instability on Syria and Iraq, so a nature question to Jeb Bush is, “Are we better off with ISIS or Saddam Hussein?”

Was this the intent of the Founding Fathers?

While candidates on both sides have cultivated big money donations, Senator Rubio is perceived to be leading the pack in the most important Primary in the 2016 election: The Billionaire Primary.  So it is only fitting that he got to answer this question from me.  The answer of course never answered the question, it was his standard talking point answer that he gives anytime something remotely close to “campaign finance reform” is mentioned.

Bernie Defends His Campaign Style

Recently the New York Times ran an article stating the Bernie Sanders was a poor one-on-one campaigner. This prompted a reporter to ask him about his style. Here is Senator Sanders’ response, along with video footage I shot over the last few months of Sanders campaigning.

Marco Defends His Use of Charge Cards

From 2005 – 2009 Marco Rubio had access to a charge card from Florida’s State GOP Party.  During that time there was a whole bunch of abuse in the party, resulting in two officials going to jail.  Rubio used the card for both personal and professional purposes and was not charged with any crimes, after bing investigated by law enforcement.  Here Rubio defends his use of the charge cards: