The debate coverage you don’t get to see.

Here is a different look at the happenings around the Dec. 2015 Democratic debate with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Not so much “behind the scenes” but a view that the media does not show people.

DNC Sanders Data Debacle

With only eight weekends left to the all important Iowa Caucuses and nine weekends before the New Hampshire Primary, did losing voter contact right before a weekend throw a wrench in voter contact? Sanders’ Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver and NH State Director Julia Barnes answer this question, while DNC Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz defends her decision.

Rand Calls

Donald Trump, ISIS and Health Care were three issues a random New Hampshire voter wanted to speak to Rand Paul about, when Paul cold called the voter. This “photo opp” gives us both insight into what an undecided Republican is thinking and how well Rand Paul does at presenting his vision for his Presidency. Does Rand Paul close the deal with this voter? Find out.

Bernie Sanders: The Family Values Candidate

Sen. Sanders gives people something to contemplate with regards to what supporting family values is all about in the US.  Here he gives a platform of issues and programs that would constitute a progressive family values agenda.

Portsmouth New Hampshire Greets Donald Trump

Days after proposing ” a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”, Donald Trump came to Portsmouth, NH to get the endorsement of the New England Police Benevolent Association. Portsmouth has a tradition of being a liberal community, so it was not unexpected that many are not Donald Trump fans.

Lindsey Graham’s Personal Story

Many political candidates have life stories that are compelling.  In the 2016 race, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio play up their immigrant roots and Cuban heritage.  But Senator Lindsey Graham has an equally compelling story that has not reached the voting public.  No doubt his lack luster poll numbers and the lack of media interest that accompanies that, are a factor in people not being aware of Sen. Graham’s personal story. In this video, Senator Graham’s sister Darline shares this story.