Getting on the Bernie Sanders Bus; New Hampshire Primary

The Bernie Bus is gassed and ready to roll! The first few months of the Bernie Sanders campaign has drawn a tidal wave of support across the country. Get a sense of his message and the excitement it has generated with his supporters in New Hampshire in the summer of 2015.

Training Voters to Ask Tough Questions

We all know that politicians are masters of not answering questions.  That’s why Governing Under the Influence runs “Bird Dog Training” to train citizens on how to craft strong questions that the candidates have to answer and not avoid.

Clinton & Bush tend to their bases…

Before the Summer of Trump, there was Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  In June they traveled to New Hampshire to deal with (ongoing) problems they had with their respective bases.  This analysis from this June video still stands (as of September): Clinton is still popular to large parts of the Democratic coalition and Jeb Bush was having a tough time proving himself with the base.