PACs’ and Campaigns’ “Un”Coordinated Ground Game

It is a well-known secret that candidates’ Political Action Committees and their National Campaign organizations use huge loopholes and creativity to be in sync. In 2016, this dance to not legally coordinate but somehow act in unison is being played out in local campaign field activities. Like the dance going on at the national level, this video documents some of the absurd ways that campaigns and PACs behave.

Bernie Sanders’ college plan rallies student volunteers

Speaking at a rally in Concord, New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders talks about the importance of an educated work force and the need for every American to have some kind of education past the 12th grade. He proposes free tuition to all public colleges in the US. Sam Long and Austin Brown are two New Hampshire students, who are concerned about how they will afford college and support Bernie’s college plan. Sam and Austin are volunteering for Bernie by making phone calls and canvasing voters. Austin says that volunteering for Bernie Sanders is “one of the best feelings in the world.”

Cruz Punked at Gun Rally

Two men, claiming to be from a pro-gun organization advocating for mandatory gun-carrying for anyone over the age of 16, jumped on stage with Sen. Ted Cruz at a 2nd Amendment rally in Hudson, NH. But is that REALLY their platform (which is what they told the press on Jan. 12th Because that is crazy, and I’m not buying it. But if it is true, it makes Cruz’s later response to these guys so much richer.

Koch Funded i360 Campaign App: User Reviews

The Democrats have had superior campaign data collection and analysis advantage over the Republicans, helping them to better target advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts. In 2016, the Republicans are determined to upgrade their capabilities. One solution is the i360 iphone app funded by the Koch brothers. The Cruz campaign is using the i360 phone app to contact and collect data from voters. Here is what Cruz supporters are saying about the app.

Vermin Supreme Condemns Donald Trump’s Goons

Are flowers threatening? Or is Trump’s crew overzealous? Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme attacked front-runner Donald Trump’s personal security detail for the assault and arrest of Rod “The Flower Man” Webber during the “No Labels” event in New Hampshire.

Vermin Supreme For President, Town Hall with Voters

He’s not horsing around! Vermin Supreme is a candidate for the President of the United States on the New Hampshire Primary Ballot. His platform calls for a Pony-based economy and mandatory tooth brushing. He recently held a traditional town hall meeting where he fields questions from voters.