Marco Defends His Use of Charge Cards

From 2005 – 2009 Marco Rubio had access to a charge card from Florida’s State GOP Party.  During that time there was a whole bunch of abuse in the party, resulting in two officials going to jail.  Rubio used the card for both personal and professional purposes and was not charged with any crimes, after bing investigated by law enforcement.  Here Rubio defends his use of the charge cards:

Donald Trump Defends Eminent Domain for Private Use

Eminent domain has long been used by government to build public projects like roads and dams.  Increasingly it has been used by government to enhance private projects, such as Donald Trump’s casino in Atlantic City.  Here Trump defends it’s use for private projects.

Bernie Pumps up Grassroots Volunteers

Close campaigns are won by a strong field organization that gets their vote out.  That is what the Bernie Sanders campaign is doing.  In this video Senator Sanders visit’s his Nashua, New Hampshire campaign office to meet with volunteers.

Funny Look At Trump, His Audience & Their View Of Media

The media are bad people according to Donald Trump because “they” don’t pan the room to show the HUGE crowds at his events.  This is also an example of how his style can whip up a crowd with the smallest provocation.   Tyngsboro, MA event Friday Oct. 17, 2015

Jeb Bush Fading With The Moderates

Jeb Bush has been sliding in the polls for some time. Wishful thinking among all GOP Presidential campaigns is that Donald Trump will eventually fade as the “flavor of the day” candidate and everyone gets a second chance. But IF that happens, Jeb Bush is not capturing the hearts and minds of GOP moderates he needs to sway in order to win the nomination.

“Flower Guy” Arrested During Trump Speech

Rod Webber is known to quoting Biblical verses and giving Presidential Candidates flowers for Peace. He also regularly prays with Jeb Bush for Peace. This relationship does not extend to Donald Trump’s campaign and Rod. Here Rod was told to go to the back of the room to ask a question to Trump, but the staff member apparently meant the “back” as in “outside” the event. You can see for yourself what happens.

Was Republican Liberty Convention Rand Paul’s Last Stand?

With sagging poll numbers, soft fundraising and pressure to protect his Senate seat, Rand Paul needed to demonstrate he has a path to victory. But he did not meet expectations at the preference poll held by the Republican Liberty Caucus in Oct. 2015. This signals that he is not dominating his base and he will have trouble attracting other conservatives, if the dynamics of the race changed.