Vermin Supreme for President; New Hampshire Primary

Anyone with $1,000 can run for President of the United States in the historic New Hampshire Primary, as Vermin Supreme–and hundreds of other lesser-known candidates over the years–demonstrates. His platform includes a free pony for all, mandatory teeth-brushing, time travel research, and zombie awareness.

The First Trump Rally in New Hampshire

The beginning of the “Summer of Trump” was on display last June on the day after Trump announced his run for the Presidency.  From the white working class prophets who picked a Trump wave, to beauty queens and protesters…a harbinger for things to come.

Who doesn’t love a July 4th Parade during election season?!

4th of July Parades have a new layer of excitement in New Hampshire during a Presidential Primary year.  The floats and marching bands have to share the stage with scores of campaign volunteers and even some candidates marching to meet voters.