Bernie Sanders’ college plan rallies student volunteers

Speaking at a rally in Concord, New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders talks about the importance of an educated work force and the need for every American to have some kind of education past the 12th grade. He proposes free tuition to all public colleges in the US. Sam Long and Austin Brown are two New Hampshire students, who are concerned about how they will afford college and support Bernie’s college plan. Sam and Austin are volunteering for Bernie by making phone calls and canvasing voters. Austin says that volunteering for Bernie Sanders is “one of the best feelings in the world.”

Minimum Wage Mashup

Holler for a Dollar! Enjoy a live performance by the Leftist Marching Band (recorded at the Voter First Forum held in Manchester, NH in August of 2015) mashed up with the Minimum Wage positions taken by Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio.

Honoring Ken

Brenda Bouchard channels the “pain, anger and frustration” of her husband Ken’s Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (and that of other families in her support group) by advocating for more research in a unique way. In this extended video (21 minutes), she tells her story of generating awareness and seeking help from NH Primary candidates to commit to funding.


Getting on the Bernie Sanders Bus; New Hampshire Primary

The Bernie Bus is gassed and ready to roll! The first few months of the Bernie Sanders campaign has drawn a tidal wave of support across the country. Get a sense of his message and the excitement it has generated with his supporters in New Hampshire in the summer of 2015.