Trump Campaign Bus (with stripper pole) now used to protest Trump

Donald Trump’s campaign bus used in Iowa during the summer of 2015 was originally a “party bus” rented out to the public. That is why it has a stripper pole in it, when Donald rode in the bus. The bus was sold and artist’s David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic bought it and repurposed it as a rolling protest of Donald Trump. They are traveling to the early Primary states to raise awareness and protest to the prospect of Donald Trump becoming President of the Unite States.

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Kasich waffles on supporting Donald Trump as GOP nominee

Will he or won’t he? Kasich waffles on supporting the GOP nominee if it is Donald Trump at a town meeting forum in Dover, New Hampshire on Jan. 22, 2016.

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Vermin Supreme Condemns Donald Trump’s Goons

Are flowers threatening? Or is Trump’s crew overzealous? Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme attacked front-runner Donald Trump’s personal security detail for the assault and arrest of Rod “The Flower Man” Webber during the “No Labels” event in New Hampshire.

Minimum Wage Mashup

Holler for a Dollar! Enjoy a live performance by the Leftist Marching Band (recorded at the Voter First Forum held in Manchester, NH in August of 2015) mashed up with the Minimum Wage positions taken by Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio.

Honoring Ken

Brenda Bouchard channels the “pain, anger and frustration” of her husband Ken’s Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (and that of other families in her support group) by advocating for more research in a unique way. In this extended video (21 minutes), she tells her story of generating awareness and seeking help from NH Primary candidates to commit to funding.


Donald Trump Asked About Heroin Epidemic in America

Kriss Blevens is a make-up artist renowned for working her craft on Presidential candidates. She is also one of the thousands (millions?) of families devastated by the country’s opiate epidemic, having lost her step-daughter to a overdose. This citizen of New Hampshire is going to Presidential events around the state, asking candidates what they will do to confront the opiate problem. Here, she asks Donald Trump about the issue in June, 2015.


Pre-Debate Hindsight Analysis of Aug 2015 Presidential Debates

Save time listening to the media’s pre-debate hype and exhaustive hindsight, with a summary of key talking points candidates have been using leading up to the first Presidential debate of the 2016 election on August 6th, 2015. We’ve condensed it to a little over 2 minutes of prime cuts. You’re welcome.


The First Trump Rally in New Hampshire

The beginning of the “Summer of Trump” was on display last June on the day after Trump announced his run for the Presidency.  From the white working class prophets who picked a Trump wave, to beauty queens and protesters…a harbinger for things to come.