Citizen Cruz? Conservative Birther Summit on Natural Born Citizenship

Andy Martin is a prominent Birther who was a leading critic of President Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States because he questioned whether Obama was a natural-born citizen. Now, he is holding a “Ted Cruz Birther Summit’ for three days before the Iowa caucus. If Martin can get media coverage for this event, it will improve Donald Trump’s chance at winning the Iowa caucus.

Cruz Punked at Gun Rally

Two men, claiming to be from a pro-gun organization advocating for mandatory gun-carrying for anyone over the age of 16, jumped on stage with Sen. Ted Cruz at a 2nd Amendment rally in Hudson, NH. But is that REALLY their platform (which is what they told the press on Jan. 12th Because that is crazy, and I’m not buying it. But if it is true, it makes Cruz’s later response to these guys so much richer.

Koch Funded i360 Campaign App: User Reviews

The Democrats have had superior campaign data collection and analysis advantage over the Republicans, helping them to better target advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts. In 2016, the Republicans are determined to upgrade their capabilities. One solution is the i360 iphone app funded by the Koch brothers. The Cruz campaign is using the i360 phone app to contact and collect data from voters. Here is what Cruz supporters are saying about the app.

Ted Cruz Fires Up New Hampshire Campaign

Ted Cruz capped off a weekend of campaigning in New Hampshire with the opening of his NH campaign office and firing up his supporters. In this 5-minute clip, he covers his key stump points to a receptive crowd.

Ted Cruz Says Hillary Clinton Framed Tom Brady

Three days before New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension was dropped, Ted Cruz, in a moment of self-admitted voter pandering, jokingly accuses Hillary Clinton of framing Brady.


Pre-Debate Hindsight Analysis of Aug 2015 Presidential Debates

Save time listening to the media’s pre-debate hype and exhaustive hindsight, with a summary of key talking points candidates have been using leading up to the first Presidential debate of the 2016 election on August 6th, 2015. We’ve condensed it to a little over 2 minutes of prime cuts. You’re welcome.